Emi Maglia begins its adventure back in 1969. Step by step, over 40 years, it has developed and improved its structure up to the highest level of the industry, thanks to the latest generation of technique & technology - Cotton looms (F/5 to F/14), SHIMA SEIKI SIG 123 straight line machines (F/3 to F/14), milling and finishing own machines, ironing NEPI machines only few companies can claim. These technologies allow high quality products on both "Fine Gauge" and "Heavy Gauge", strictly Made in Italy.


This whole and complex organization enabled Emi Maglia to reach a daily production of 30.000 pieces and a yearly one of 6.000.000 - numbers bigger than many established international brands. The most of Emi Maglia's production is based on merino wool garments (count 2/28, 50/50 merino/acrylic to 100% Merino, Fine and Extra-fine, easy care and TEC) worked on 12/21 gauge.


Obviously, there is much more in terms of yarns used for our clients: 100% cashmere, blends (silk/cashmere, cotton/cashmere), carded, elastane and acrylic fibers, PIMA cotton, viscose and flax blends. Emi Maglia takes care directly of all productions steps; it goes from briefing to designing, from raw material purchasing to spinning, from dyeing to knitting on straight line machines and cotton looms (a pool of about 300 SHIMA multi-gauge machines from F/3 to F/14 available), from washing to careful ironing, with NEPI mold machines  from packaging to warehouse stocking till final delivery anywhere around the world. Our warehouses cover a surface of 60.000 square meters; thus, Emi Maglia's logistic can satisfy every client's needs up to the most complicated. Deliveries can be arranged to collection centers or, alternatively, directly to client's branches as to guarantee reliability and punctuality, quality, price and services.

In spite of its Italian based high level production, Emi Maglia can guarantee very competitive prices even if compared with the Far-east markets; this is due to strong partnerships with laboratories and outstanding professionals employed by the company to gain the most out of their expertise, as well as a farsighted policy always ready to develop synergies.


An internal policy of serious standards, respectful towards the clients and the market demands, but mostly towards quality. As results of Emi Maglia's dedication to this, the company can proudly supply various certifications valid throughout the countries like OEKOTEX, WRAP and IWS.